Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary is a green haven and center for spiritual retreat dedicated to the healing of the earth and of one another. Lothlorien is part of Elvin H.O.M.E., Inc. (Holy Order of Mother Earth) a federal 501c3 organization. Lothlorien is 120 acres of forested hills and valleys located at the edge of Southern Indiana’s limestone belt. It is a place to escape the outside world, drop its concerns and masks, and attune to the natural rhythms of the earth.

It is a work in progress, being created and sustained entirely by volunteer labor as an act of love and faith. Lothlorien is open for anyone to visit and attend festivals. We encourage membership. Members can come and share in the work of perpetuation and regeneration.

Lothlorien Sign
photo by Katz Paganstar

Elvin H.O.M.E.’s predecessor organization, Elf Lore Family, began in 1983 and created Lothlorien as a ‘woodland meeting ground, survival education center, and green haven for elvin folk’. In December 2008 Elvin H.O.M.E., Inc. received its full approval as a federally protected 501c3 religious organization. We are not a single religion. We are a place where all earth-respecting religions, spiritual paths and beliefs are honored and respected, from those who see divinity in Earth itself to those who regard Earth as a sacred trust to those who view pragmatic protection of our common home as just common sense.

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