Elf Fest


May 24th – 29th 2023

Preregistration will be open until May 12th.

The creek
photo by Lily Blackwell

Elf Fest is usually the largest festival of the year at Lothlorien. It is a Spring celebration, with rituals, fire dance performances and general drumming and dancing around a central fire in the Thunder Dome after dark, and a variety of events in the daylight hours.

Past activities have included a Labyrinth, a blessing of the cars, late May Maypole dancing,  spiral dancing, saunas/sweats, plant walks with the Herb Lady, women’s circles, magic shows and musical performances ranging from madrigals to heavy metal. There have also been workshops in art, animal spirit guides, dowsing, solar power, drum repair and etiquette, ocarina, belly dance, poi, mask making, Celtic Wicca, rhythm drumming and ecological gardening. Meanwhile there is plenty of time to relax with friends and family, swim in the creek and share food and conversation around the many camp fires. Each year is different and we are open to new ideas from any tradition.

ElvinHOME sells ice to campers. A variety of merchants also set up tents and sell their wares at the festival from clothes to ornaments to snacks to books to massages.

What’s Happening?

Date/TimeEvent NameLocation
Thursday-Sunday All NightTHUNDER!!!! drumming dancingThunder Shrine
SundayGrand Council MeetingLong Hall

Full Fest Members: $140
Full Fest Non-Members $160
Day Passes (Members only) $40 (includes overnight)

Everyone aged 13 to 65 needs a ticket. Children 12 and under are free and don’t need a ticket. However, all Children 12 and under need to have the Elf fest 2023 kids registration form filled out.

There’s still an attendance cap of 500

Those 65 and up, or those interested in Bartering, please Contact Us.

Be sure to bring the following items for this event!

  • Meals
  • Grass seed
  • Trash bags
  • Tent / Tipi / Yurt / Dome
  • Vans and small campers permitted (No RV Hookups)
  • Bio-degradable soaps
  • All-weather clothing
  • Candles and soft lighting
  • First-aid / Medical kit

Please take your trash HOME with you!

Available on-site:

  • Fire wood
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Hot Showers (mmmm!)
  • Composting Privies

Vendor space available!

Please, no pets, violence or firearms
No generators or gas lanterns