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another garden pic

Road by garden

Painted by Andrea :)
Garden Fariy


Garden Fariy

Entrance to Garden

Freshly painted.
Also freshly Painted
Water Fairy Bird bath
Goddess flower bed.
Spring 06
In his new home. The pond newly dug.
Spring 06
The garden
The flowers turn from blue to pink, I can't remember which one happens first.
Gaelic Magic
Tulips, mullein, etc
Spring Flowers
Full of flowers and herbs.
Lucy''s Garden bed
They make a good pair. The garlic's smell keeps the Strawberries pest away.
Strawberries and Garlic
An heirloom variety. This plant is 4 times this size now.
Texas Sage
So pretty, and completely a natural volunteer plant. Makes a good tea for upper respiratory congestion. Which works from experience.


Garden Spring 06
This supported the Mexican wild cherry tomatoes 2006. Three or four plants took up that corner bed and the other side, as well as over taking the web. They were very prolific.
Catina's Web

Summer 2008
Summer 2008

Summer 2008

Summer 2008
The pond near the garden, green again!
Pan's Pond
Near the pond - so much work has been done in the last few years.
Garden Entrance
A new project in the garden for spring of `09 - grapes!
Grape Arbor
Egyptian walking onions walking ALLL over that garden by midsummer...
Midsummer Garden
St. Johns Wort
Sage flowering. mmm Pretty purple!
Not sure what this is, but it's happy!

Lucy's Roses
Pretty flowers
I think we should have more of these. Very few things flower around Elffest.
We erected a flag pole two weeks before Elf Fest 2009. The tree was a particularly beautiful poplar that had fallen on the land recently.
Lothlorien Flag
Work weekend Jun 6, 2009
Work weekend Jun 6, 2009
Work weekend Jun 6, 2009
Work weekend June 6, 2009

Work weekend June 6, 2009
Work weekend June 6, 2009
Egyptian walking onions
Work weekend June 6, 2009
Asparagus seeding
This is actually a grape vine trellis in Lightning Shrine but it is maintained in part by the gardeners.
Grape vines
Work weekend June 6, 2009
Zuccini patch

Spring weeding, April 2010.
Spring weeding
Spring weeding, April 2010.
Spring weeding
Andrea instructing Jason on what areas that need mowing. :)
Spring mowing!
Grapevines planted in summer of 2009. Photo by Aethyric

Lucy's Rose

From the garden to the woods and vice versa!