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Misc. photos
One of several beautiful chimney logs we burned during Elf Fest 2002.
Jacob took this photo sometime around Fall 2004 I think.
Crazy lens flare

Witches Ball 2007

Fall 2007

altar at WMG 2007

WMG altar
I finally found out who removed the old troll bar!?!
Troll bar removal crew
Paved with good intentions though ;P
Ye Olde Road to Hell...
Elf 2008
Activity at the trollbooth...
The small pan statue near the 'pond'
It's Pan!
The sign hanging on the entrance/exit gate.
Come back soon
Looking into Shaman's Circle
Shaman's Circle

elfin hoop dreams
This photo of Stew was taken by SongBear on 12-30-2008 at Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary's swimming hole. Gullett's Creek runs through Lothlorien.
"Old School" Power Point Demonstration
This photograph, taken by Stew, is of the fire in the fireplace of Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary's Radiance Hall on December 31st, 2008 into January 1st, 2009. Be warm and well.
Happy Gregorian New Year!
Precious Haven! You're so sweet and innocent!
Sweet little Haven

Lower fariy

Looking up from fariy

Fire Fairy
This Andy and I found on a hike

We were on a hike...turned out Andy took me on a 4 hour hike...hehe
Andy resting

Merchant row in the sun

Upper Boom
Katie Fae

Jonathon eating in the longhall
Right after we put the rope up
Michael on the rope swing
Thanksgiving in the Long hall
Jacob and Lilith
Summer Soltice 2009 Javi was at home the momemt he arrived at Lothlorien
Javier's first time at Lothlorian
Lisa in her fairy wings
A fairy at Elf Fest 2009
Discussing dolls as avataars and howthey have helped women connect to the sacred for ages. Starting with the Venus of Willendorf to current BJDs.
Doll Discussion 2011
Just a group of old friends and new friends. 2015 Summer Solstice.
Campfire Pagans
Fire Ritual in Lightning Shrine Elf Fest 2013
Jason's Fire Whip Phoenix!
Fire Ritual in Lightning Shrine Elf Fest 2013
3 Tandem Fire Spinners in Action!