Radiance Hall

The Long Hall or Radiance shrine is a our main community building. It is a SOLAR powered structure. It’s amenities include a wonderful kitchen, out of which the Cauldron Cafe is ran during our two main festivals, and a main dining area for which people gather for more than just dining, which also features a beautifully hand crafted limestone front fireplace to gather around in cold months. The second story is a our library, full of a wide range of books to keep you occupied on a rainy day and a lounge, which in the past has been used for movie nights.

The ceiling needs to be insulated and finished and soffets need to be repaired. The outer paneling needs to be covered with metal panels. The roof is currently being fixed with tin panels going over the shingles. There is a coupla currently being installed in the roof for better ventilation and roof access for solar panel maintenance and other required roof maintenance. 


Build cupola for better ventilation
Roofing with metal panels
Outer paneling replacement / work