Wild Magick Gathering

Regular Member Camping is once again allowed.
Please contact us with any questions, or check out the official Facebook group.

September 16th – 19th, 2021

Healers at night
photo by Katz Paganstar

Due to Covid19, there are some restrictions for 2021.

  • All Attendees must preregister
  • Only Members may register
  • Attendance will be capped at 400 people

Wild Magick is one of Lothlorien’s largest festivals, celebrating the Fall Equinox and the harvest from the summer. 

Vendors set up their tents to sell clothes, artwork, books, snacks and ritual paraphernalia, there are workshops ranging from drumming to herb gathering. For this fest the Long hall will be closed and not serving food.

In the evening there are musical performances, and of course drumming and dancing in the Thunder Dome.  This is a time to gather in the fruits of the year’s work and also to gather and celebrate with each other before winter sets in.

Preregistration is now Closed.

What’s Happening?

Thursday 5pmOpening Ritual
SaturdayGrand CouncilLighting Shrine

Be sure to bring the following items for this event!

  • Grass seed
  • Trash bags
  • Tent / Tipi / Yurt / Dome
  • Vans and small campers permitted
  • Bio-degradable soaps
  • All-weather clothing
  • Candles and soft lighting
  • First-aid / Medical kit

Please take your trash HOME with you!

Available on-site:

  • Fire wood
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Hot Showers (mmmm!)
  • Composting Privies

Vendor space available!

Please, no pets, violence or firearms
No generators or gas lanterns

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