Solstice ReUnion


June 22nd – 23rd 2024

Hail unto Thee who art Ra
photo by aethyric

Solstice Reunion is our way of thanking the members for their year round support and celebrating the beginning of summer. This is usually  a smaller more laid back festival, with few workshops or organized activities. The main ritual includes the creation of and sand painting that is released and danced away over the night. Our kitchen isn’t open so that the staff gets a break, but sometimes potlucks are organized. The Solstice ReUnion also serves as a sort of open house. It’s a great chance to show friends, family or other new folk around and give them a taste of Lothlorien. This event is free.

Sat. afternooon-eveningSand Mandala PaintingThunder Dome
Sat. NightRituals, Chants, Dancing, and DrummingThunder DomeMusical Instruments

What’s Happening

To get on the performance/workshop/rites schedule, please contact us at least 2 weeks before the event.

Solstice Reunion is FREE for all current members.
Memberships can be purchased when registering
Registration will be at ELF BASE

We strongly encourage festival attendees to administer a test within 72 hours prior to your arrival, for the safety of our community.  If during the festival, we/you suspect an illness, we will ask you to take a COVID test with our medical team.  If the test is positive, you will need to leave or be quarantined.  Attendee will be given a refund, if applicable.

Be sure to bring the following items for this event!

  • Meals
  • Grass seed
  • Trash bags
  • Bio-degradable soaps
  • All-weather clothing
  • Candles and soft lighting
  • First-aid / Medical kit

Please take your trash HOME with you!

Available on-site:

  • Fire wood
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Hot Showers (mmmm!)
  • Composting Privies

Vendor space available!

Please, no pets, violence or firearms
No generators or gas lanterns